New version of my previous design.

This version is untested.

  • If you want the EAGLE files please send me an email with MODULAR EAGLE FILES in the subject line, if the subject line contains anything else my email filter will delete it and I will never see your email. I will send you the files within 24-72 hours.


motherboard.gif (74605 bytes) Motherboard schematic

motherboard_pcb.gif (45228 bytes) Motherboard PCB layout

driver.gif (51755 bytes) Driver schematic.

driver_pcb.gif (28956 bytes) Driver PCB Layout.

As soon as the new Smart Current Sensor code is ready I will post it here.

You can edit this design using EAGLE.

EAGLE can be downloaded from 

If you need help with EAGLE please look at the EAGLE web site and there you will find help forums. There is also a tutorial that you can download. 

When you load the file remember to do a "Ratsnest" to make the copper fill appear.  Ratsnest is a button on the tool bar, or menu Tools/Ratsnest.

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Thanks for your cooperation.  

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